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June 15, 2019

SUNLIGHT, Since 1970s

桑铼特--曙光 ,始于1970

SUNLIGHT, Since 1970s



SUNLIGHT is located in Changsha,the capital city of Machinery in China,which has developed over the years by specializing exclusively in the production of agricultural machinery for mountainous area,especially professional on off-road transport vehicles and light crawler tractors.



Born from a small state-owned enterprises (SOE) in 1970s,SUNLIGHT was a small factory manufactured sprayer. In 1988,SUNLIGHT evolved through the design of the first transport vehicles with off-road characteristics for rural mountainous area in southern China . Since privatization in 2005,SUNLIGHT grows rapidly till now.




SUNLIGHT has always concentrated its resources in this professional field, accumulating levels of expertise that guarantee the delivery of best products expressing the essence of quality and efficiency.




SUNLIGHT has been developing its product range close to the real demands of customers who need a machine with reliable quality but acceptable cost.

The specific axles and gears and other mechanical structure components in these vehicles are developed by SUNLIGHT: that is how values transfer to customers. In mountainous rural area and plantation field, SUNLIGHT is the first choice of most customers.

Nowadays SUNLIGHT is one of the leading manufacturers of transporters.


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